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Websites for Breeders

Learn how Hired Hand can work for you

Comprehensive Website and Animal Management

Hired Hand is the most complete website and animal management package on the market. This powerful tool is custom-built for animal breeders who value pedigrees/bloodlines, offspring and their precious time. Our web-based animal marketing system (AMS) lets you easily manage your own website content while showcasing your animals online.

  • Your animals become easy to research online, potentially increasing your private treaty sales.
  • Your site is in its easiest form for visitors to navigate. No more losing traffic to your site due to frustration over its functionality.
  • Your valuable pedigrees and bloodlines virtually build themselves, including photos and links.
  • Progeny/Offspring display automatically after easily adding the offspring to your account.
  • Our responsive designs display well on any device including mobile phones for maximum user-friendliness and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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